We at pedlar62 are proud of its unique atmosphere located with in the heart of Galle fort andthe unesco world heritage site situated in the southern part of Sri Lanka. Pedlar62 is not just only another place where you find lodgings to spend your holiday but also offers you the most comfort stay with in a price you can afford. It is indeed a pleasure for us to serve you to make your journey so memorable.

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We have 4 comfortable double rooms. We offer air conditioned rooms and non-airconditioned rooms which come with a fan.

Also we have a pleasant verandah and rooftop sitting area.


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    Visit Folk Art Museum & Boat Ride at Koggala Lake

    The city of Koggala is generally recommended for a visit to a Martin Wickramasinghe’s (Sri Lanka’s renowned writer) folk art museum or a boat ride to visit beautiful islands around the lake. The journey to start first, visiting the folk art museum to feel the historical importance of it & secondly to start the boat ride to visit three different islands of cinnamon, an old temple and an island of watching birds located around the Koggala Lake. The full journey will contain of three hours to visit both the places & the distance is about 14 kilo meters & it takes only about 30 minutes drive from our hotel. It is better to have some cash in hand in order to buying tickets for the museum & the payment for the boat.

    Hiyare Rain Forest

    Just about 18 Km to the north of Galle & approximately 40 minutes drive from Galle is the Hiyare rain forest & it is a big natural reservoir which used to be the major source of providing drinking water to the city of Galle. The surrounds of the rain forest contains of around 55 acres in extent. The reservoir was established in 1919 & its catchment is the major stream that enriches the river. This is really an ideal place to visit & also one of the most attracted places to do boat ridings. In addition the wild life conservation society runs an educational programs & the animal rescue program is one of the major activities carried out at the centre of the Hiyare rain forest. Boat has to be pre booked for those who are interested in boat tours. This place can be visited from morning to evening & the ideal time to do the boat ride is early morning or late in the evening. Morning tour starts at 06:00hrs & the evening tour can be organized at 15:00hrs leaving from the hotel.

    Rhumassala Temple

    Rhumassala temple or the peace pagoda is another attractive place where a Japanese priest who has been living there for a long time & built this beautiful modern temple & the stupa on the headland of magical Rhumassala Mountain. It is located just across the Galle bay & full of rich in legend. The history of this magical hill goes back to the story of Ramayana where the warrior Lakshman was injured in a great battle between king Ravana and Rama to save abducted princes Sita and then the warrior Hanuman was sent to Himalayas to fetch some medical herbs. As the hanuman forgot the names of the herbs, he brought a chunk of the hill which comprised many herbs. While he was bringing that one part slipped & fell in to Rhumassala. Apart from that the entire hillock is well known for its rich biodiversity and is an important habitat for many marine species.

    It takes only about 15 minutes drive from the hotel through the southern coastal line.

    Sea Turtle Farm & Hatchery

    Sea turtle palms in Sri Lanka are one of the major attracted excursions among the tourists who visit the country.
    The closest “Sea Turtle Farm & Hatchery” is situated at Habaraduwa, the southern part of Sri Lanka. It is about 05 kilo meters away from our hotel & it takes only 20 minutes to get there. The place has been running as a sea turtle farm since 1986. There are about five varieties of sea turtles found in Sri Lanka & most of the varieties are available in this place. This is really an ideal place to visit & enjoy your selves by releasing baby sea turtles to the sea. Please keep some cash in order to buy tickets at the entrance.

    Handunugoda Tea Estate

    Sri Lanka is well renowned of producing tea all over the world & tea plantations are well established in up country & as well as the southern part of the country. It is recorded that the Sri Lanka is the world’s third largest producer of tea to the world. Sri Lanka’s tea industry & the history of it have spread all over the world & we are proud to say that it is one of the major attractions of many tourists who visit Sri Lanka.

    As we are located at the heart of southern region in Galle fort & it is not that far to get this lovely experience whiles you are with us. We believe that it is our duty to recommend you to visit the nicest & the closest tea plantation to our hotel.

    It is not only just a tea plantation, but also the rubber, cinnamon, & coconut are comprises at the rest of the plantation. The entire estate is about 150 acres in extent & comprises 75 acres of tea. It takes only about half an hour drives to get there & on the property there is a well equipped tea factory running by using machines made in UK & are over 140 years old.

    This tea plantation produces the famous “Virgin White Tea” a tea untouched by hand which has attracted from tea enthusiasts all over the world. We believe that it is something never to be missed & it will definitely be an unforgettable experience in your life time. Please contact front desk for any booking inquiries or further information in this regard.

    The Fort to walk

    The history of the Galle fort begins with the arrival of the Portuguese at the beginning of the 16th century. In 1505 Portuguese arrived in Galle led by Lorenzo de almaida. It is recorded that in 1588 it was the first fortification built in Galle on swart bastion and it was called Black fort or the Santa Cruz.

    It was about 135 years that the Portuguese were in Srilanka till 1640. On March 13th the Dutch attacked Portuguese and captured the first fortification in the fort after a big battle in 1640.

    After 1640 time reached for Dutch to expand and improve the building of the fort according to their own concept. It was in 1663 that the Dutch started to build the fort including 14 Bastions & it was completed in 1715, many of the colonial building in the fort were built during the Dutch period.

    For about 156 years the Dutch reign some parts of the country while the British came on 23rd of February in 1796 and took over the control of Galle without any fighting against the Dutch. From 1796 British expanded the strength of their power all around the country. They were the 3rd country who invaded Srilanka for the third time. There was not that much of major attention done by British to the fort except the construction of the new entrance to the fort.

    It was about 152 years that the British took over the control of the country and they left on 4th of Feb in 1948.

    It is always recommended to explore the history of the fort by walking as you have the chance of going in and see the value of this UNESCO Dutch world heritage site in Galle fort.

    Whales & Dolphin Watching

    Whales & Dolphin watching in Sri Lanka is the most attracted excursion tour during the tourism season from November to April. It is not that far to get this lovely experience from our hotel. There are two whale watching centers based in Galle region & the closest one is just 15 minutes drive from the hotel to the naval base in Galle. The other whales & Dolphin watching centre is located at Mirrissa, about 18 kilo meters away from our hotel & it is just a drive of 45 minutes to get there.

    Whales & Dolphin watching can be arranged in two different sessions either morning or the evening of the day. This is a tour which can be combined following with the lunch at a beautiful hotel called Mirrissa Hills near to the whale watching centre.

    It is said that most people prefer to do this in the morning session. The time to leave for this at 05:45hrs.The tour will contain of 04 to 04 ½ hours journey on the sea from the time that you leave the whale watching centre. The tour starts at 06:50hrs. Evening tour starts at 13:00hrs & finish at 17:30hrs. Please contact the front desk for booking inquiries or any further information. The cost for this as follows…..

    Yatagala Rock Cave Temple

    There are many beautiful temples here in Galle. Out of all, there are two temples which are attracted by many local pilgrimages & as well as among the tourists. Yatagala rock cave temple is found to be one of the oldest in the region & it is about 100 steps to climb up, at the top where the temple is covered by giant rock formations. The temple is more than 1000 years old & surrounded by beautiful rice paddies.

    Temple gets full of pilgrimages especially on full days where the visitors can join for the evening shrine (Puja – offering fresh flowers, Incense & lighting oil lamps) to commemorate Lord Buddha’s events & receive blessings to your life. Just 20 minutes drive to the inland passing the southern coastal road is where the temple has located. It is our honour to remove shoes & hats when entering to the temple.

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